The Education of Ivy Leavold (#2)

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I knew I was taking a risk loving a man like Julian Markham. But I thought that love was enough to cover over his darkness.

I thought wrong.


Ivy Leavold came to Markham Hall looking for a home and a new start, and instead she found the enigmatic Julian Markham--along with a love that threatened to consume them both.

Now Mr. Markham is offering her a new life as his bride, as the mistress of Markham Hall, and Ivy wants nothing more than to say yes.

But Ivy knows that the closer she binds herself to Mr. Markham, the closer she binds herself to danger.

And the deeper their love grows, the closer she gets to discovering the truth surrounding her cousin's death. Once she does, the explosive secret will rip them apart...possibly forever.

I thought book one was wickedly hot...this one is hotter than hot. It’s thermonuclear hot.
— Must Read Books or Die



The Markham Hall stories are available in paperback exclusively as an omnibus edition.
(All volumes of the series in one paperback).

The Education of Ivy Leavold is decadent, enslaving, thrilling and incredibly seductive.
— Angie, Fan Girl Book Blog

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