The Persuasion of Molly O'Flaherty (#2)

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One playboy billionaire.

One heartbroken heiress.

One sham marriage.

What could go wrong?

That's what notorious playboy Silas Cecil-Coke thinks as he returns to England to persuade Molly O'Flaherty to marry him.

Certainly, their brief fling last year ended in heartbreak (and a black eye), but matters are different now. Molly must marry to save her company, and Silas is determined that he'll be the man she chooses.
Between the bitter memories and the competing suitors, Silas discovers that wooing a bride is no easy task, unless, of course, he decides to stop playing fair...

...beautiful, brilliant, thoughtful-provocative...
— Avephoenix



The London Lovers stories are available in paperback exclusively as an omnibus edition.
(All volumes of the series in one paperback).

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